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In current cancer treatment, standard treatment guidelines are given for each type of cancer. The guidelines primarily consist of surgical operations, treatment with anti- cancer drugs and radiotherapy.

A new cancer therapy attracting recent attention in the world is cancer immuno-therapy which is performed using immune systems in the human bodies consisting of various immune cells. As the fine environmental mechanisms enclosing cancers are slowly analyzed by molecular biologists and researchers in the field of immunology and as the mechanisms for immune cells to attack cancer cells and the mechanisms for cancer cells to avoid immune systems are being understood, the implementation of cancer immunotherapy is increasing.In particular, since 2011, when check-point inhibitors were first approved by the FDA in an attempt to stop cancer cells from suppressing the movement of immune cells, it is no exaggeration that the development of cancer treatment in the US has completely changed predominately with biological formulas. Biotechnology enterprises like our company’s whose endeavors are to develop therapeutic vaccines to activate cytotoxic T cells that can specifically attack cancer cells among immune cells by preparing patient-specific antigen-presenting cells are again attracting attention.