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CyTIX is developing a therapeutic vaccine under the design-concept of “creating cytotoxic T cells specifically activated for all cancer antigens expressed in patient- specific cancer cells”. In order to maximize the specific activity of cytocoxic T cells, we thought that it is important to maximize the antigen-presenting ability of dendritic cells. As such, our development theme was how many cancer antigens can be presented in the MHC Class I.

As a result of our trials and errors, we came up with the idea of creating fusion cells by fusing dendritic cells with tumor cells. The phenomenon of cell fusion is to create one cell by the fusion of two parent cells. The resultant fusion cells are characterized as having inherited DNA information totally individually from the parent cells.

The fusion cell prepared by fusion of a dendritic cell with a tumor cell can be presented as a cancer antigen from the cancer cell that is the parent cell. Furthermore, it is also an epochal antigen-presenting cell that can present many more cancer antigens from the MHC class 1. Based on this basic platform technology, we believe that CyTIX can lead the development of therapies for many types of cancerous tumors.